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This website is designed to help parents support their child, adolescent, and adult children toward recovery.
If you have just realized your son or daughter has an eating disorder, you may be feeling confused, frightened, frustrated, even angry. We are here to help.

Eating disorders are treatable and full recovery is the goal of treatment. Eating disorders are serious but with excellent clinical care and the support of an engaged, well-informed, and committed family your loved one has a good chance to fully recover and get back to a full and satisfying life free of the eating, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive problems of anorexia, bulimia, and EDNOS.

Parents, you are probably the most important factor in your son or daughter's recovery. How you respond to this crisis -- how you educate yourself, who you choose as clinical support, and how you organize your home life during the recovery process will be critical. Families often call this important role "the hardest thing I have ever done." They also, when their dearly loved child is restored and moving toward normal development and independence, report feeling well-deserved pride in themselves and their loved one for facing and succeeding in this challenge.

One F.E.A.S.T parent put it this way: "If I could, I'd send all you wonderful parents fighting to heal your children a huge hug and energy to keep on fighting. You'll get there!"


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