Quotations from caregivers at Around the Dinner Table Forum

Quotations from caregivers at Around the Dinner Table Forum

Apr 16

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Monday, April 16, 2012  RssIcon

...I am sorry to hear about your D's struggles but so glad that you found her help.   You are a wonderful Mom for providing her the support of a brilliant therapist.

 I think your message is an important one for all of us, that this is a mental illness/brain disorder that changes their lives in ways we don't anticipate, especially if they've not had the benefit of therapy to help learn coping skills for life's stressors.

Yes, stressors are a set up for relapse, especially when they are out on their own.  It is also important for all of us to realize that many of our children do have co-morbid anxiety, depression etc that makes navigating adolescence very difficult.

We, unfortunately, had this backwards with all those clinicians trying to provide my D therapy when she hadn't recovered from the ED or gotten accurately and fully WR during adolescence.  So, it made my D feel like a total treatment failure.

I do believe that for all of us, it's good to assess our children somewhere from 6-12 months after full WR,  for any co-morbids that can be treated with good therapy.  -wenlow

Click here for more information on co-morbidities and eating disorders

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