Quotations from caregivers at Around the Dinner Table Forum

Quotations from caregivers at Around the Dinner Table Forum

Apr 20

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Friday, April 20, 2012  RssIcon

"If you have a back up plan, it allows you to set firm and consistent requirements for eating.  It allows you to move quickly from A to B to C.  It helps you stay calm because if something isn't working, you can move to the next thing.  It helps your daughter to know there is no alternative to eating and so it helps her settle into the routine more easily.

If you don't have a back up plan, then ed can test the fences and usually he can get pretty far.  It can make you afraid because you don't have alternatives to try.  This can lead to a pretty emotional situation and then ed can bully you into being happy with her eating 50% when that's just not going to help her get better."

- neverloseheart from the thread Crisis
- read more about Getting started and making a plan on the ATDT Hall of Fame

From the Nourishing Words Blog

From the Nourishing Words Blog

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