Quotations from caregivers at Around the Dinner Table Forum

Quotations from caregivers at Around the Dinner Table Forum

May 9

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Quotes from the thread: Your thoughts on this please...

"...chatting to another mum with a son in year 2 (my d's year), she told me that her son had told her she'd given him the best treat in his lunch. Why? Because he'd been comparing treats with his friends and his had the fewest calories!  6 year olds should really not even have heard the word calorie as far as I'm concerned." - Enfys

"A friend of mine had her 7 year old come home with a poem about "thick and thin" and it was about twin sisters- one "thin" and one "thick" and how "thick was sick"...........ugh." - mamabear

"My d developed anorexia after her 5th grade health and nutrition unit. This was not her only trigger, but it certainly played a role. They had the kids do a food journal including calories, fat grams, etc. Then they had to calculate one day's worth of food that met specific protein, fat, vitamin c, etc. requirements. My daughter said she would get extra credit if she made a vegetarian menu (which became impossible to do as she couldn't get enough protein without going over on the fat). It was all done in the name of being a good math exercise! The curriculum was supposed to be science based and hands-on. The hands-on part included putting various foods on a paper towel and measuring the grease stain to determine how much fat each food had. (A totally flawed experiment considering a peanut would probably not even leave a stain.) What they need to teach kids is how they are supposed to be growing and that gaining weight is normal and does not mean they will get fat." - midwestmom

"The trouble with the whole healthy lifestyle lessons is so many teachers seem to put their own distorted understanding over, thus sending a completely inappropriate message to young people. The look of surprise and relief on my 10/11 year olds' faces every year when I explain that the brain has to have fat always tells a tale." - Red

From the Nourishing Words Blog

From the Nourishing Words Blog

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