Quotations from caregivers at Around the Dinner Table Forum

Quotations from caregivers at Around the Dinner Table Forum

May 16

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012  RssIcon

It felt like we were stepping off a cliff when our FBT appointments came to an end.  Our adult d had only been WR for about 6 weeks and I felt very alone & scared. The thing that was most worrisome for us, was that she would not listen to our guidance without a professional who was overseeing our caregiving.

Thankfully Dr. C had helped us put some safeguards in place.  First our d was told that weekly weighing would be necessary for a full year and that we were going to be continuing random screening for specific gravity [our d had a history of water loading].  Dr. C had helped guide the transition from magic plate to our d having control of her menu.  However she emphasized that if our d's weight began to slide, we would need to relieve her of the responsibility to maintain her intake on her own.  After that we only had one hiccup, a 4 lb. weight loss that our d was able to turn around within a couple of weeks.

I think it can help to have professionals "charge" parents with caregiving authority in the presence of the patient.  It reinforces that the parents have the necessary competence to provide the support their child will need as their brain recovery builds.

- lydia from the thread When this stops what do we do?

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