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Parents and other caregivers urgently need accurate and comprehensive information about eating disorders. Unfortunately, many of the sources of information available to families do more harm than good, describing eating disorders as choices not illnesses, speculating about causes, placing blame where it doesn't belong, and offering poor advice on treatments. At the same time, while there is a wealth of reliable information out there, it is not always readily accessible, or well publicized.

F.E.A.S.T. believes it is important to stop the dissemination of outdated, unproven, and harmful ideas and to acknowledge and thank those who provide the public with medically sound and helpful information about eating disorders. That's why we have started a Media Outreach project. We have already had influence.

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We Need Your Help!

Please send us, by filling out the form below, examples of publicly-available information about eating disorders that you have found to be especially helpful, or harmful, to parents and other caregivers. We are looking for web sites, materials given out by treatment providers or professional organizations, or any other sources of information that you have come across while you have been trying to learn more about eating disorders.

After we receive input from YOU, we will try, as an organization, to contact those who disseminate unreliable, outdated and/or unhelpful information and urge them to make necessary corrections. We'll also publicly acknowledge and thank the sources of good, up-to-date, and evidence-based information, and advice, to parents and other caregivers. Thank YOU for your help with this project.

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