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A letter from "J"
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 A letter from "J" to the parents on the Around the Dinner Table Forum:

"Keep Doing What You're Doing"

Hi everyone.

I don't belong here because I'm not the parent or caregiver of someone suffering from an eating disorder. I am suffering from one myself. I'm not in the same position as your daughters and sons, my parents aren't involved with refeeding me or anything like all that you do for your children. It's impossible for me to do what you do for myself so I fear that this is a lost battle for me but I have so much hope for your loved ones and I couldn't wish for more than to know that others who suffer as I do are receiving the care they need to beat this monster. I just wanted to commend you all for the amazing job you are doing. I came across this forum not too long ago and have been reading through many of the posts on here. Your love, strength and endless courage touches my heart. Keep doing what you're doing. Your daughers and sons are lucky to have parents such as yourselves. I applaud you.

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