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Parents Praise F.E.A.S.T., 2010
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"An ever present web of support, practical advice, evidence-based information and research, hope, laughter, healing and...A growing voice in the world of eating disorders." Anne, USA

     "At feast I found support, knowledge, friendship, tears and laughter that helped me 

     feel that at any hour of the day, I was never really alone.  Thank you my friend,      

     where would we be without your vision." Lisa, US


"Hope:" when I found F.E.A.S.T. I'm not sure I had any, within minutes I was smiling, learning, and hopeful!" NSW Australia


     "After over a decade of my young adult daughter's suffering with anorexia while working

     with many eating disorder therapists, we found all the information and help we needed

     through F.E.A.S.T. for her to finally recover. Our becoming educated and empowered

     parents was essential to help her overcome this biologically based brain disease. Thank 

     you for bringing her life back!!"  W.N. US Mid-Atlantic

"Despite good clinical support for my anorexic 11 year old daughter, we felt like we were treading water and not making progress after 15 months of treatment. Finding and joining F.E.A.S.T. gave me that extra level of encouragement, hope, practical day to day advice, and evidence-based information I could use to make better decisions that pushed my daughter forward through the recovery process."  L.D. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

     "F.E.A.S.T. and ATDT has given me the Courage, Strength, Knowledge and Tools I 

     needed to Stand Up, Show No Fear and Fight Against ED as well as to Understand that 

     Food is Medicine, There is Hope, Recovery is Possible and Recovery from an ED Does 

     Happen!  Behold The Power of Golden Fork!"  Denise C., USA, Michigan.

"F.E.A.S.T. gave me access to the collective wisdom of caregivers who were successful in curing their loved ones - you can learn through other's success." Polly T. Ontario Canada

     "F.E.A.S.T. is the place that nourishes parents' minds, so they can do the hard work of

     feeding their children." --S.C., Michigan

"FEAST has informed, supported, comforted and held my family up and together throughout my daughter's recovery from anorexia; there was always someone available and I will be forever grateful for what FEAST has helped us do."  Erica, UK

     "FEAST helped me "get it" and move my AN d(aughter)'s recovery into the fast lane.

     Forever grateful!!!" CHR, Ontario, CANADA

"FEAST is simply the most accurate, positive and encouraging place for families to get information on eating disorders!" Anne, US.

     "FEAST is well-researched, evidence-based 24/7 love and support from diagnosis to

     recovery and beyond."  The Bevan Family, Suffolk UK

"I stopped feeling like I was wrong to be trusting my instincts and realised I wasn't alone in how I felt; I have learned so much here."

     "I was so out of my depth, so lost and terrified, searching the Internet through tears,

     feeling completely hopeless and up came F.E.A.S.T. my life changed that day, I wasn't

     alone, the overwhelming love, support and knowledge from the other parents was

     unbelievable, it was the first real step to recovery and getting my girl back." Lynda, NSW


"I will always remember the day my son began to recover, because it was the day I joined F.E.A.S.T."  J.H., Pacific Northwest

     "I will be forever grateful for the wise group on the forum ATDT and at FEAST, their

     experience, advice and compassion has helped heal my family from the ravages of an

     ED." Golding Family - Brisbane Australia

"It's been my lifeline over the past months and I've made some amazing and supportive friends through FEAST. Basically, I don't know how I would have got through the last 10 months without it..."

     "The F.E.A.S.T forum with its stories and support showed me I wasn’t alone in this fight.

     I had information and friendship enabling me to fight ED and win. This is a lifesaving

     forum,thank you to all who work to keep this going." Susan C- Melbourne Australia

"The FEAST is where I found solid, evidence-based information and the incredible support of experienced, caring people to begin the journey out of anorexia into the joy of health and wholeness for my precious 21-year-old daughter." Patricia, Florida

     "The information and support that I have received from F.E.A.S.T. has empowered me to

     use my motherly love and intuition to effectively support my young adult daughter's

     recovery from anorexia."  Cathy V. - So California

"The information on FEAST and the support and example of caregivers on Around the Dinner Table turned me from the despairing mom of a young adult ED sufferer into a mother confident that recovery was possible and with a PLAN to make that happen! Thanks forever, FEAST and ATDT." from the Baldo Family, USA, Midwest

      "The information on FEAST and the support and example of caregivers on Around the 
     Dinner Table turned me from the despairing mom of a young adult ED sufferer into a 
     mother confident that recovery was possible and with a PLAN to make that happen!" US

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