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《餐盘上的挑战》简体中文版现已上线 – Up To The Plate Family Guide Now in Simplified Chinese


我们很高兴地宣布,家庭指南的最新译版现已上线。我们在此感谢志愿者徐琬 (Wan Xu) 和唐千晰 (Qianxi Tang) 将《餐盘上的挑战 – 营养在进食障碍及其治疗中的重要性》翻译成简体中文。


English Translation
F.E.A.S.T. is excited to announce our latest Family Guide translation! We are grateful to our volunteers Wan Xu 徐琬 and Qianxi Tang 唐千晰 who generously translated our Up To The Plate booklet, The Importance of Nutrition for Understanding and Treating Eating Disorders in Simplified Chinese.

The Family Guide series is meant to offer families and treatment providers an accessible overview of eating disorders to read online, share, or print. We are grateful to those who have helped us translated our guides in four languages.
For more information on translations, please contact us here.

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