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Advocacy Mondays: Awareness

How to affect change.   That really is the big question in advocacy……How do we change ‘what is’ into ‘what should be’ and ‘what we need’?

Awareness is a simple place to begin.  It is difficult to change what isn’t known.  So, first we have to make the unknown know….and, I gotta tell ya, Twitter is downright magic for making the unknown known.  Really, it is like ninja power magic for spreading the word.

F.E.A.S.T. is hosting a Twitter Chat on May 29th on the topic of Refeeding: A Caregivers’ Perspective.

I feel quite passionately that “Refeeding” needs to be demystified and understood by….EVERYONE.  Honestly, I want the whole world to understand ‘refeeding’.  I want the whole world to understand how desperately difficult it is and how absolutely necessary it is and how unconscionable it is to not support families fully and properly so they can do it successfully.

In support of our first Twitter Chat, parent advocate Jennifer Ouellette, designed this Twitter Tutorial . It brilliantly breaks it down and makes twitter easy-  really, really, easy.

Also, AED has a series of Twitter Chats.  The next, “The Voice of ED: Externalizing the Eating Disorder” is on May 22…..This week.  Practice time, people!!!

Lisa LaBorde

Outreach Director

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