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Advocacy, Resources, & Support

Advocacy, Resources, & Support

F.E.A.S.T. believes that parents can be powerful advocates. We are dedicated to parent eating disorders advocacy around the world. Below are some links related to advocacy and some additional resources and support.


Worldwide List of Eating Disorder Advocacy Organizations
Parent Advocacy: What Can You Do?
Get Involved in Your Region

Resources & Support:

FEAST 30 Days Program
How Others Can Help
Resources for Carers & the Professionals on Your Team
Evaluating Internet Resources on Eating Disorders
What About the Siblings
Supporting Siblings of Eating Disorder Patients 
A Guide to Medical Care (AKA the AED Purple Booklet)
A Parent Guide to Medical Complications of Eating Disorders
10 Actions for Caregivers (AED publication)
CM Animated Videos for Parents
What Can Parents Do To Help

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