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an Instagram meal support network of HAES professionals supports others during Covid19 isolation

Author: a F.E.A.S.T. community member


I considered myself to be in solid recovery, but when the recent panic buying and the emptying of food shops started my anxiety grew.  Now that we are in lockdown I worry about using the food I have in my cupboards. The eating disorder uses all its tricks to convince me not to eat:

“ …if I eat the food I will be taking it away from my family who will then go hungry. I am being selfish if I talk to friends and family about my fears as I will only burden them. It’s better to tell them I’m fine.”

Being able to connect with people who understand what it takes to eat and fight those thoughts has been incredibly helpful.  

“We aim to go live every 2 hours starting at 8am EST and going around the clock so you can eat your meals and snacks in the company of others!”  @covid19eatingsupport

A group of dedicated HAES (Health at Every Size) aligned providers and helpers have come together on INSTAGRAM to provide live meal support to meet the new need to self isolate and respect social distancing.

These providers are making it possible to connect virtually with others who are also eating their meals and snacks around the clock every two hours. 

Covid-19 has resulted in routines changing around what and when we have a meal, this can cause anxiety and eating disorder thoughts to become loud and intrusive, having someone eating with you even virtually helps with distraction and to take that first bite! 

This group obviously does not replace the work of a person’s current support team but rather it can be viewed as a substitute or addition and a helping supportive hand during all this uncertainty. 

For more information:

Covid 19 Eating Support at Instagram




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