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Balancing Doing Mind and Being Mind

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  1. Eva Musby

    EM, you are in luck, as these videos are all on YouTube.
    On YouTube you can click on the settings (the wheel symbol, the 3 dots) to see captions and/or to see a “transcript”
    Kevin speaks very clearly so the automatic captions are pretty accurate.

  2. Eva Musby

    Beautifully said, especially for all (as I used) struggle to be effective while not getting burned out.
    So well said:

    “it allows us to be fully present, one
    meal at a time,
    letting go of the attachment to the goal…
    full recovery.
    Now i didn’t say letting
    go of the goal,
    I said letting go of the ATTACHMENT to
    the goal.
    It’s that attachment, the desire to have
    things other than as they currently are
    right now,
    that keeps us in this soul-sapping
    with reality,
    expending valuable energy and burning us
    So well explained Kevin – I admire how clearly you can express these concepts.

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