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Canadian resources for virtual support

by the Canadian members of the Global Task Force

Dear parents and caregivers,

We wanted to take a moment to reach out to let you know that we are thinking of you during these unsettling times and to offer you any extra support that we can. We are here for you!!!

We know that under the best circumstances caring for a family member with an eating disorder can be highly stressful and challenging. It is especially important during a time like this to reach out for extra support where you can.

Virtual Support

Within Canada, we have a range of options for virtual support that you or your family member can avail of no matter what part of Canada you live in.

We also encourage you to visit F.E.A.S.T.’s Worldwide List of Advocacy Organizations to locate any regional groups within Canada that you can reach out to inquire about further supports that may be available to you.

For more resources and supports please visit F.E.A.S.T.’s Community Pandemic Support Page. We are here for you, whenever and however you need us!❤️


  1. Doreen Feeney

    This is remarkable for us parents. I am so grateful for everything that’s being done for us. I do however, have a question though.
    My daughter who suffers from Anorexia is willing to talk online with peers who are suffering as she is. I don’t know if I am looking in the wrong area or even if there is a support group for sufferers. She refuses to talk to any professionals but promised me she will talk online if I can find people that is suffering as she is.
    Thank you so much all all that is being done on sufferers and parents behalf.

    • Kimberly

      I am looking for the exact same thing! I am not sure how old your daughter is but there is a chat for 14year old and up (looking glass). Personally I want my daughter to be able to talk to others who are sharing the same journey to recovery. I would like it to be monitored for safety. I can only find “all age” chats or “over 14yr old” chats.
      And although my daughter is 14, I know she can participate in the LOOKING GLASS one, I don’t really think it is age appropriate for her to be talking to 30 or 40 or 50yr olds. I know she specifically wants to talk to peers her age. I’m hoping my response to you also sheds more light on this and hopefully we both can find something.

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