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Caregiver Skills Toolkit Program

Learn New Skills with the F.E.A.S.T. Caregiver Skills Toolkit

Caring for someone with an eating disorder is challenging, but you’re not alone. The F.E.A.S.T. Caregiver Skills Toolkit offers practical guidance and critical skills through a series of short, informative videos.

This program covers topics like how to:

  • Introduce fear foods/exposures
  • Manage mealtime resistance
  • Use distraction techniques
  • Boost caloric intake
  • Handle and tolerate distress
  • Be an effective medical advocate
  • Use leverage to encourage cooperation
  • Avoid accommodating the eating disorder

Support for Every Caregiver
We have suggested a $40 contribution to support the program’s costs. But we also understand that financial situations can vary. Contribute what you can, or access the toolkit free of charge if needed. Every bit of support helps.

Start Learning Today
Gain access to invaluable skills and insights to improve your caregiving. This program is a gamechanger for caregivers of people with eating disorders!