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Choose Your Own Sessions At FEAST of Knowledge 2022

We decided to try something new at our FEAST of Knowledge conference this year. We will be offering 4 sets of 3 concurrent workshops each, which means you can choose the topics that are most relevant and important to you.  If you are registering as a family, you and your spouse/partner/co-parent/co-caregiver can each choose your own workshops. And don’t worry, you can still watch the other sessions on demand after the conference, so everyone can benefit from all 12 workshops!

We have an exceptional program planned for this year! The first set of sessions features FEAST advisor Dr. Sarah Ravin, who will be sharing valuable information on the topic of how to create a “circle of safety” to prevent and cope with eating disorder relapse. FEAST advisor Judith Banker and Executive Director Judy Krasna will be co-presenting on the topic of “When Eating Disorders Become Enduring”, combining clinical information about Severe and Enduring Eating Disorders with lived experience insight. And Dr. Adele LeFrance will be offering vital meal support skills using Emotion-Focused Family Therapy to help those families encountering difficulties getting their loved one to eat.

All of that is just the tip of the iceberg; FEAST of Knowledge has so much more to offer! If you haven’t registered yet, please take a minute and do so now. We want to see YOU on March 27!


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  1. Sarah

    Hi – Do we need to sign up for workshops in advance or can we select what we want the day of the conference? Thank you!

    • Judy Krasna

      Hi Sarah–great question!! You don’t sign up, when you go into the conference platform (Whova) which isn’t live yet, you just choose which sessions you would like to attend during the conference. Registrants will be getting a “know before you go” instruction sheet before the conference explaining how it all works.

  2. Shirley

    Hi – Can you clarify if the conference is recommended for the teen with the eating disorder? Or if its more for the family that supports the teen? Thank you!

    • Judy Krasna

      Hi–this conference is NOT for people affected by eating disorders, it’s for parents and caregivers. There is a special session for teen siblings.

    • Judy Krasna

      Yes, you do. An instruction sheet will be sent out to all registrants later in the week on how to login and other pertinent info.

    • Judy Krasna

      The event runs from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. EST US time which is the middle of the night for New Zealand, but the sessions will be available on demand afterward so you can register and watch them at your convenience.

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