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Once considered a psychiatric illness for which patients and parents were equally blamed, our understanding of the predisposing, precipitating and perpetuating factors associated with the emergence and recovery from anorexia nervosa has advanced over the past few decades.  This webinar will focus on the “lessons learned” by listening to children and adolescents with anorexia nervosa and their parents without bias or preconceived assumptions, but with a “beginner’s mind” assuming that everyone was doing the best they could to address the challenges associated with the developmental process of adolescence, when the vast majority of cases emerge. 
Presenter bio:
For 40+ years, Dr. Kreipe's academic and clinical activities focused on adolescent medicine. In 1985, he established the interdisciplinary Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Program at the University of Rochester Medical Center, integrating inpatient and outpatient settings and staff. In 1990, he created the Rochester Eating Disorder Network, a collaborative outreach service for parents, family members and loved ones of young people with an eating disorder. Beginning in 2005, he served as the inaugural Medical Director of the Western NY Comprehensive Care Center for Eating Disorders.
Dr. Kreipe ended his clinical practice of adolescent and young adult medicine in June 2017 and fully retired at the end of 2019. As Professor Emeritus, he continues to focus on the education and training of future generations of health care providers in inter-professional practice related to improving the health of adolescents and young adults, including collaborating with former patients—now recovered from serious health conditions that they experienced as children or adolescents—as they share their stories of what helped and what hindered their recovery. 



June 1st, 2022 1:00 PM through  2:00 PM
United States
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