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Guided Self-Help Family Based Treatment For Adolescents With Anorexia Nervosa: What Is It, and Who is It For?

Synopsis: Dr. Lock will discuss why there is a need for a guided self-help version of Family-Based Treatment for parents to help families with eating disorders, the current data available supporting this type of approach and plans to better understand when to use this type of intervention.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Lock is the Eric Rothenberg, MD professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine and the Director of the Eating Disorder Program at Stanford Children's Health. He has conducted many studies of family-based treatment (FBT) across the diagnostic spectrum of eating disorders in youth. He is the author--along with Daniel Le Grange--of Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder. a seminal  guide for parents of children with eating disorders.

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