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Death to the Diet Industry

By Katie Maki (AKA mamabear)

(This was a post on F.E.A.S.T’s Around the Dinner Table Facebook forum.)

WW (Weight Watchers) for me resulted in orthorexia. An obsession with food and exercise. I worked out 6 or 7 days a week. I ran. I lifted. I made myself Diet Coke cupcakes with fat free cool whip as a treat. I would lay in bed worrying about when I’d get my exercise in the next day (my kids were little). I did lose weight. And I lost my mind. I was miserable.

I went on a vacation. I told myself I did not need to run etc. and I was going to eat whatever I wanted. That started my path towards letting go of diet culture. About 2 years later my ten year old daughter nearly died of anorexia. And we all as a family fought to save her life.

I know it’s not my fault that she got sick. I know how genetic it is and am very educated on all things eating disorder. But yes–she saw me count points. She saw me exercising. I thought I was setting this great example of being “healthy”. That, combined with her elementary school anti-obesity programming, were part of the triggers that started restriction which led to a negative energy balance which turned on her anorexia genetics full force. She’s an adult now in a solid recovery for many years. And we are tight. She does not blame me for anything. We are all at some point in our lives victims of the diet industrial complex.

I am beyond cured now. I am knocking down diet culture as much as I possibly can. And I feel good in my own skin.

WW is dangerous. It is restriction. It leads to disordered eating. Frankly the very premise of it is disordered. Allowing ourselves points? How many points is that Fig Newton??

Death to the diet industry.

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  1. Marla Mulvany

    Thanks for this. I have shared it on my FB page. We do the best we can. My Dd saw me being super “healthy” as I battled cancer. Even before. It was the super thin models she saw and a friend who was obsessed with body size who sent her over the edge.

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