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Distress Tolerance: Men of FEAST Premier Video

If you missed the Men of FEAST meeting last Thursday, no worries–you can watch the video portion of the session that teaches the skill of distress tolerance.

The Men of FEAST meets on the following dates:

May 13 and 27; June 3 and 24; July 8 and 22; August 12 and 26. at 10:00am PT US.

Here is the meeting information:
Meeting ID: 913 0030 2386
Passcode: 974742

Calling all FEAST dads and partners: learn new skills, ask questions, benefit from support, and become part of our Men of FEAST community! Please contact Kevin for further information.



  1. Todd Webster

    Have 15yo boy struggling for 4 years. Has been away in hospital for last 6 months. Plan to discharge him soon to come home. Very stressful on the family. Your video is helpful.

  2. Julie Montal

    Kevin this is a superb initiative, thank you!! and thank you FEAST for supporting Dads, and all family members during these challenging times.
    Our book in French Anorexie: Paroles de Parents, Parcours de Soins…presents Dads’ dilemmas, but only briefly, when they are key pins on the road to recovery.

  3. Jason

    Dad w 13 year old daughter suffering from ED.
    I missed the zoom call and am very thankful you have posted this.
    Best wishes to all.

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