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FIRST30Days: An Innovative Service Developed By Parents For Parents

An eating disorder diagnosis is generally followed by a “now what??” reaction; for the most part, parents are unsure about how to help their child, where to even start, and what to do next. Often, parents are left to their own devices to figure out a clear path of action, which is especially daunting during this period of extreme distress.

The first thing that parents need when their child is diagnosed with an eating disorder is a plan. Since eating disorders are disruptive and impact all family members, this plan must focus on the family as a whole and not only on the affected individual. This plan does not look the same for each family, since all families have different needs, different capabilities, and different access to care and supports. One of the huge benefits of F.E.A.S.T’s new FIRST30Days service is that it offers parents the tools, the information, and the empowerment to build a plan that is tailored to the specifications of their own family. This plan is the first crucial step toward recovery.

Participants of FIRST30Days will learn about eating disorders and caregiving in one effective, user-friendly service, which is broken down into 30 daily units of approximately 30 minutes each.

Another unique aspect of FIRST30Days is that it was developed by parents for parents, using valuable wisdom and insight that only other parents with lived experience can offer. This is part of what makes FIRST30Days so innovative. F.E.A.S.T. knows that there is a steep learning curve for new parents, and FIRST30Days is designed to quickly catch parents up by giving them the proficiency that they may be missing due to their lack of experience and transform them into educated, productive, and empowered caregivers in just 30 days.

FIRST30Days is only 2 weeks into its month long pilot period and already has over 700 registrants! Register today and see what FIRST30Days is all about for yourself!

You can also show your support for FIRST30Days and keep it running past the 30 day pilot period by donating on the bottom of the registration page.


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