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Do You Have Questions? FIRST30Days Has Answers

“Insight and motivation are not necessary to move a person into recovery.”

 This quote is from Day 14 of F.E.A.S.T’s innovative FIRST30Days service, from the unit titled “Why Does My Person Not Want to Get Better?” It may seem counterintuitive—how can one recover without the motivation to get better? And why doesn’t a person affected by an eating disorder realize that they are hurting themselves and putting their lives at risk? It seems so obvious to us! And it’s amazing that a person can be fully capable of using his/her intellect yet has a total blind spot when it comes to his/her illness.

Day 14 offers insight into why this happens and explains that while insight and motivation are signs of recovery, they are not necessarily required tools to get there. So, if your child doesn’t show any motivation to recover, don’t give up hope. You can believe in your child’s recovery, even when they can’t.

Would you like to learn more about this topic? Would you like a better of understanding of extreme behaviors, why food is medicine for eating disorders, and how eating disorders affect the brain? Gain insight about all of these topics and more when you register for FIRST30Days.


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