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Emotion Coaching for US Caregivers

Drexel University is testing the feasibility and acceptability of a four-session, group-based, emotion-coaching intervention for caregivers of adolescents (12-18, any diagnosis) involved in any level of eating disorder care. The intervention is informed by other evidence-based parenting interventions, including parent management training and emotion-focused family therapy for eating disorders.

We are looking for parents of adolescents within the first 8 weeks of FBT for an eating disorder. This treatment is designed to target parenting skills to support your adolescent’s recovery. Parents will be asked to participate in:

  • Four group-based emotion coaching sessions over four weeks, held via Zoom
  • Questionnaires at baseline, end of treatment, and 1 month after treatment ends

There is no cost to participate and parents will receive $45 for completing the questionnaires. Flexible timing, with weekend and evening availability.

For more information or to determine eligibility, email


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