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#Equity4EatingDisorders: World Eating Disorders Day 2021

World Eating Disorders Day 2021 will take place on June 2 across the globe. This year’s theme is #Equity4EatingDisorders. At F.E.A.S.T. , we would like to invite all of our community members to share how inequity has shaped their eating disorders treatment experience through either a short blog post (it can be anonymous if you prefer) or a short 2-3 minute video clip. Due to the tight deadline, these are due by this Saturday, May 29, and can be sent to us at

It’s important for our community to be represented and for our voices to be heard on this important topic. You can talk about inequity in addressing all types of eating disorders, inequity in access to treatment and recovery, inequity for marginalized or under represented groups, or any other type of inequity that you have encountered in your journey. Please include the impact that this inequity had on early intervention/treatment/access to care, etc. It’s important to tell our stories and to call out these inequities so that they can be addressed and corrected.

Please help F.E.A.S.T. mark World Eating Disorders Day 2021!


  1. Heidi Tovar

    Could I make a video as a grandmother of a girl suffering from ED and the inequity of accessing care if you have Medicaid ?

  2. Billy

    Is this only limited to individuals from the US or can people in Europe also share their short blog posts/clips?

    • Judy Krasna

      World ED Day is an international initiative and FEAST is a global organization so anyone from anywhere in the world is invited and encouraged to share!!!

  3. Jo

    I am on meds and was seeing s psychiatrist. When I told him I was going to work on accepting my body as is. At the time I was about 150 pounds. He said, “Have you thought about weight watchers”?

  4. Mary

    My son has been anorexic/bulemic for 20 years. In his late teens, he reluctantly saw psychiatrists/psychologists. He would stop going and they would not tell me. They believed his lies. Our family doctor told him that he was within the insurance weight limits. After he attempted suicide, we were able to get him into EDC in Denver. We had more years in facilities and they were all helpful and taught us much. He is not recovered, but is surviving.

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