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F.E.A.S.T. Advocacy Collaboration in the UK

By Suzanne Baker

FEAST is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration along with First Steps ED and Beat on a survey titled “Impact of COVID-19 on UK People.”

COVID-19 continues to cause a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in everyday life here in the UK and worldwide.

This survey has been created by representatives from the charities First Steps ED, Beat and F.E.A.S.T to help improve understanding of the impact that the pandemic has had on those living with eating difficulties or an eating disorder – including people caring for someone experiencing an eating disorder, and those providing support, including professionals.

This survey asks about access to support from the NHS, charities, and private healthcare, how this access may have been affected; and, if so, what potential impact this has had on the individual’s eating difficulty and disorder alongside their general mental health. It also seeks to measure any impact on the carer or supporter of the individual, which could include professionals working in education, social care, and community services.

It ends by asking whether the pandemic has led to any positive changes to the care or support provided which, would ideally be continued.

The survey can be found here and can also be accessed via QR code.


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