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FEAST 30 Days Poster Presentation Recognised by Royal College of Psychiatrists!

The UK branch of the FEAST Global Task Force was thrilled to get the news yesterday that our submission on FEAST 30 Days was selected as the runner up in the best poster competition at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) Eating Disorder Faculty Spring Conference.

The conference brought together Eating Disorder specialists and advocates from across the UK and marked the launch of the new UK Guidance on Recognition and Management of Medical Emergencies in Eating Disorders (#MEED).

For this conference, the RCPsych was looking for poster submissions focused on education, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share the great success of the FEAST First 30 Days programme with the UK Eating Disorder community.

The poster, pictured here and entitled, FEAST 30 Days: Transforming Parents into Empowered Caregivers in 30 Days, provides an overview of the aims, core content and powerful impact of the FEAST 30 Days programme. We were delighted to get the poster accepted as part of this respected conference, and absolutely thrilled to be recognised by the RCPsych Eating Disorder Faculty in the poster competition.

We hope this acknowledgement will help spread the word across UK Eating Disorders teams about the amazing work of FEAST on behalf of families of loved ones with eating disorders.

Helen, Suzanne, Nicky, Emer & Mary-Beth


  1. Mille

    Congratulations. Unfortunately, I cannot actually read what is on the poster. The writing is so small, and even when I zoom in on it, I can’t read it (it just gets very blurry). Is there any way you can share it with members of FEAST mailing list (email)? Kind regards, Mille

  2. Jenny

    Awesome!!! Well done – your advocacy efforts are truly making a difference! I’ve sent so many people to First 30 Days. Never stop what you’re doing!

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