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FEAST 30 Days

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Transforms Parents into Informed & Empowered Caregivers in 30 Days

FEAST 30 Days is an innovative and unique program designed to educate and empower parents and caregivers of people with eating disorders. People who register for this program will receive one lesson per day, delivered to their inbox, over the course of 30 days. Each lesson is focused on a different topic related to eating disorders and caregiving. There are resources offered on every topic to provide a deeper and more robust understanding of what eating disorders are, how they are treated, and how families can best support their loved one.

FEAST 30 Days is suitable for parents at all stages of their caregiving journey. Parents are given the opportunity each day to ask questions either about the lesson material or about their own personal situation. These questions are answered by our parent support volunteer team.

Providers and other non-caregivers are welcome to sign up for FEAST 30 Days as well!

There is no charge for FEAST 30 Days; this program is funded solely through donations.

Thank you for providing such an amazing resource! The “FEAST 30 day Service” provided our family with so much pertinent knowledge and support. It truly brought comfort at such a chaotic time in our lives.
Lauren L., mother