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FEAST Advisor and FEAST Parent collaborate on Spanish language book

by Cipatli Ayuzo. MD MBA. Representative for F.E.A.S.T.  Global Task Force México.


As an advocate I am always thinking of how to reach and help more families. One barrier is language: most of our volunteers speak English and those with more than one language fluency also speak English. We are always eager to publish and encourage translations into every language possible. (our Principles have been translated into 9 languages so far). I was struck recently at the collaborative and can-do spirit of our community when I realized that our folks had fostered yet another translation collaboration: between one of our key FEAST advocates from Mexico and one of our Advisors in the US. I asked Cipatli Ayuzo to describe the project and why it was needed. I so enjoy being part of this community’s busy and productive advocates and creators:

When our daughter was first struggling with an eating disorders , it was not the “professionals”, but the parents from F.E.A.S.T. that empowered us to make the right decisions. One of them recommended reading  Dr. Lauren Muhlheim’s book, “When Your Teen has an Eating Disorder.” This book became our personal guide. Fortunately, we were fluent in English but there are many Spanish speaking patients and families in need of information in their native language.  Spanish is the official language of more than 20 countries, and although it’s not an official language, Spanish is also commonly spoken in the United States and other countries. Even more, there are more than 450 million native speakers of Spanish, making it second only to Chinese in terms of the most spoken languages in the world.

There is a shortage of current written materials about eating disorders in Spanish, especially information that supports the inclusion of parents in treatment of their children. In many countries, treatment still commonly excludes parents even when evidence has shown that family involvement is important for recovery. Families in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Spain are translating themselves information from English to Spanish to share with other families through social media in an effort to have available information in our language.

This is why I was so passionate about helping to translate this resource into Spanish.

This book “ Cuando tu adolescente tiene un trastorno de conducta alimentaria “  is a resource for families and FBT providers. Eating disorders know no bounds, so information is needed in every culture.

This Spanish version of the book provides information families need to change behaviour patterns and develop new coping skills.

As a Spanish speaking physician and a Mom it is my honour to help provide this a gift of knowledge and guide to recovery to Spanish speaking families.

“Thank you, Lauren, for including our Spanish speaking community.”


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