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FEAST of Knowledge 2020 will be an online event

COVID19 is a global challenge and we are a global community. As a caregiver organization sensitive to caregiver and public health concerns we take the spread of this virus very seriously. While it is impossible to know now what the status of travel will be in the coming months we have recently made the difficult decision to hold our June 14, 2020 FEAST of Knowledge as an interactive online event instead of a site-based conference in Sydney.

While in-person events are valuable and all too rare, we cannot in good conscience plan an event that might put travelers or delegates at risk of or spreading the virus.

In addition, FEAST is a small organization without the capacity to risk financial commitment without a high degree of certainty.

From our founding, this community has been one that has valued connectivity and international inclusion, and our history of using technology to connect puts us in an excellent position to make this FEAST of Knowledge a good one despite our disappointment.

We are mindful that this change in plans most affects our Australian and New Zealand community members. FEAST of Knowledge had been welcomed with open arms and great support by our families and allies on the ground in Sydney and the region. We are deeply sorry to add to any disruption that they are experiencing. We are committed to retaining  Sydney as the central time zone and the many Australian and New Zealand people who are on our conference program.

Depending on the situation in June, we hope to have in-person presentations and gatherings around the world, and hope that we can still have a significant Sydney gathering.

“Family first” has always been our highest value. We join the whole world in both facing the challenge of Covid19 and in supporting the families affected.

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    • Kym Piekunka

      Hello Joyce,
      I did chat with you yesterday on Instagram. We will send more information about the event and all that is needed for signing up and in! We are looking forward to sharing information and connecting in June!

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