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FEAST: The One Constant in 2020

2020 has been an extremely difficult and challenging year for every single one of us. It has brought a tremendous amount of uncertainty and unpredictability, which only increased the impact of eating disorders and the distress in the FEAST parent community.

The one constant of 2020 was FEAST. When we saw the rise in the demand for parent support, we added more volunteers to our services to make sure that every parent received the information, resources, and support that they needed to navigate through the rough waters of their child’s eating disorder. We developed and implemented our revolutionary FIRST30Days service, which gives parents the tools to transform themselves into empowered and effective caregivers in one month’s time. We reorganized our website so that critical information is now more accessible to parents, and we increased content on our website that appeals to both new and not-so-new FEAST families, and that is inclusive of all eating disorders.

We were here day after day, week after week, month after month, because we know how much we are needed; especially now, when people are more isolated and in greater need of a community. It is our goal that no parent should ever feel alone.

FEAST is currently raising funds so that we can continue our operations into 2021 and beyond. We are touched by the response that we received so far from our request for donations, both by the generosity of the donors and by the beautiful, heartfelt comments that people have been leaving on our donations page. Here are some of those comments:

Thank you to this wonderful organization that is such an invaluable resource for all of the families in this community. Thanks to all of you who give of their time, who are not afraid to share their experience, and who always have compassionate words when needed. Words can’t fully describe the difference you make.

Thank you, FEAST, for being such a critical resource for families in need. Our daughter is well now, thanks in part to the support and empowering advice we got from the Around The Dinner Table Forum.

FEAST was the light at the end of the tunnel in my darkest hours.

Thank you for this wonderful website and all the education you provide to parents and caregivers.

Thank you for your support, wisdom, connection. It’s been so helpful even with all of the information provided by the ED specialized program my children is in, the parent/caregiver understanding is so important. Very soothing to my soul to know I’m not alone and that there is hope.

We would have been lost without you this year. Blessings for all you do.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your life-saving and loving work!

Thank you for saving me and my daughter at the worst time of our lives. She is now happy and healthy, and we have a beautiful grandson, which is a testament to the care shown by the FEAST community when we were in deep trouble.

Thank you for this place of support and the resources. You have no idea how valuable this is.

You helped me to help my daughter. She is now ED-free. Thank you!

Thank you for all that you do. Without your help my daughter would not be well for over ten years now. Forever grateful for your life-saving work and support!

F.E.A.S.T is amazing! I feel so grateful to have been directed to this organization. I hope you always have financial support from those who can help so that families who aren’t financially able to get a lot of professional support can benefit from all you do !

Thank you to all of you so much for providing the support and the resources to help us to get through the hard times…

It is truly our privilege and our pleasure to serve the FEAST community. We would like to continue doing so, which is why we have been asking for your financial help. If you have not yet had the opportunity to contribute to FEAST, please consider donating now.

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