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FIRST30Days Receives a Warm Welcome in British Columbia, Canada!

By Lisa Burns, FEAST Volunteer

Fellow Canadian parent eating disorders advocate and FEAST volunteer Tara McDonnell and I had the wonderful opportunity to present FIRST30Days, FEAST’s new service for caregivers, at the Interior Health Eating Disorder Network’s annual one day forum in October.

The Interior Health Eating Disorder Network serves British Columbia, Canada, and is a health authority committed to embracing the value of lived experience from both individuals and families. We could not be more grateful for the inclusion that they extend to our FEAST family; they welcome the opportunity to grow and learn alongside caregivers from all corners of the globe!

Tara and I are Experts by Experience, both with daughters now in strong recovery. It makes our hearts happy that alongside all of the many valuable ways that FEAST supports families caring for a loved one with an eating disorder, there is now a tangible, hands on, virtual & FREE service for caregivers, at all stages of their journey towards recovery with their “Person”.

Tara and I are so appreciative of the time taken by clinicians and other professionals to attend this introduction to First30Days and for the wonderful feedback received. Here is what some of the forum attendees had to say following our presentation:

“I immediately signed up as an observer and started reading the material provided for the first day. I sent a link to one of the parents I am supporting and suggested she sign up. I was very impressed with the website and the First 30 Days programme. I will definitely pass it along to parents. What an awesome resource for parents! Thanks!”

“I will be adding this resource to our package for families, I am checking it out myself.”

“Thank you for sharing the great work being done by FEAST. Very excited to learn about FIRST30Days…brilliant! Will let other families know for sure!”

Tara and I were truly excited to introduce FIRST30Days to British Columbia, and we can’t wait for more parents in our region to start using this valuable FEAST service!

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