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Forum post from J (2011)

dear everyone here,

i don’t know if this will be removed because i know this forum is for parents and caregivers, not sufferers.

but i wanted to take the chance, because i need to say thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you. all of you have hearts of gold. i developed an eating disorder in the winter of eigth grade, and i just graduated highschool a few weeks ago. i am still struggling, and i know you guys know better than anyone how hard this fight is.

but for the first time, i can say honestly that i am in recovery. i guess my family doesn’t really do maudsley because i am the one who has eagerly read everything on this forum. my mum and dad don’t feel comfortable making me eat. but somehow, the inspiration i have been able to draw from this forum has finally, finally made it possible for me to make myself eat. i think it is the faith i have that everything will be okay. reading your posts, i feel the triumphs of your childrens’ good days, their successes. i feel the sorrow of the steps backwards, the dark times. and i know everything will be all right because they have you. thank you everyone. for teaching me more than i could have ever asked about what i need (technical stuff, like the sheer number of calories, etc.) and about how this is beatable. it is it is it is. if i can do it, all of your children can.

thank you. j

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