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Heartfelt Thanks to Our Outgoing Board of Directors Members

In the interest of allowing for more effective governance, the FEAST Board of Directors has become considerably smaller as we are nearing the end of 2020. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our outgoing board members who have contributed so much of their time, energy, and passion to FEAST.

We would like to give special mention to Daryl Madill and Lisa Burns, both of whom also served on the Executive Committee. Daryl served as Chair of the FEAST Board of Directors. She worked tirelessly, with enormous dedication and commitment, in leading our organization through a year filled with activity and growth. Daryl led by example, with unfailing kindness and grace. She always made time for FEAST tasks that needed to be done, and she made sure that the FEAST board was run in an organized manner. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Daryl for all of her hard work, and we are so happy that she is staying on as the lead of our Parent Support Lines.

Lisa Burns served as the Treasurer for FEAST. She had a very “hands on” role. It was a great responsibility keeping track of FEAST’s finances and making sure that all of our reporting was done correctly. We know that it was a demanding job, and Lisa was always calm and accommodating. Lisa is known for her good humor; her bubbling laughter was an integral part of our board meetings. We could not have asked for a better Treasurer; we on the Board were supremely confident that FEAST’s finances were well cared for in Lisa’s capable hands. We are extremely grateful to Lisa for her significant contribution to FEAST, and we are thrilled that Lisa will be shifting full time to her role representing FEAST as an eating disorders parent advocate in Canada, a role that she fulfills with great competence and passion.

At this time, we would like to offer our tremendous gratitude to the other members of FEAST’s 2020 Board of Directors who have stepped off as of mid-November:

Helen Missen
JD Ouellette
Cipatli Ayuzo
Marc Polonsky
Frank Brockmann
Alec Rodney
Tara McDonnell

Thank you so very much for all that you have done for FEAST. You are valued, appreciated, and treasured. We know that you will continue to contribute to FEAST going forward.



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  1. Tasha

    Yes, thank you all for your dedication to such an amazing organization! F.E.A.S.T has been the most important tool I have in fighting my daughters eating disorder. And, it all began with the 30 days of empowerment (and knowledge) .

    Thank you all!

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