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I Cried After Talking With Your Parents Tonight

by Tabitha Farrar, ED Warrior and friend of F.E.A.S.T.

Reprinted with permission from Tabitha Farrar 

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  1. Meredith

    Thankyou Tabitha,
    I read your insightfull comment to my 23 year old daughter, who is into her 4th year struggling with an Eating disorder. She was very interested and agreed with your thoughts and likes me to read to her these comforting/confronting words. We both agree to knowing these experiences since ed came into our lives. So thanks once again.

  2. Jennifer Aviles

    Thank you so much, Tabitha. After more than 30 years of what you describe and I still experience, I needed to be reminded That when my own adult daughter apologises after one of her tirades, that she still really, really means it. Lately I have struggled to stay on track with her and to remain firm as well as kind. The timing of the appearance of your piece here on FEAST was extraordinary.
    With best wishes, Jennifer

  3. Renee

    Thank you for sharing this. It means a lot to me that you took the time to put all this into words. It was helpful and hopeful for me.

  4. Dan

    Thank you for writing this. I’m a father of a 20-yr. old who has survived to come out on the other side. It started 7 years ago and she is off to college this September. She had to defer for a year because she wasn’t ready, and then struggled hugely last year in her first attempt, although it wasn’t ED related. She ended up not finishing the first semester and coming home. Now she is back at it and I think it will work. But all those years that we worked together as a family are going to pay off. We kept talking and she listened. And she stopped listening, and then she listened and then she fought back. But she did it. And we never stopped trying to help. I was at last year’s FEAST conference and met you briefly, and I’ve listened to many of your podcasts. You are an inspiration and a hero. Thank you again for writing this.

  5. Tasha

    Thank you Tabitha for your amazingly powerful and honest post! My 13yr old is right in the midst of this awful illness and we are still reeling with how quickly she went from a seemingly happy young girl with a love of sports to one whose struggles and fears about weight are so raw and terrifying. I am grateful for your post as it’s giving me hope on a really tough day ! You are amazing and I’m so happy for your full recovery…thank you!

  6. Debbie

    Thank you! Your words spoke to me and has given me a timely reminder that although my daugther is working her recovery her ED is still controlling her words & actions.

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