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Improving Professionals’ Understanding of eating disorders

Posted by the request of the researcher:

Carers & Individuals with an Eating Disorder

I am contacting a wide range of people who I hope will be able to help with a small project to improve health professionals’ understanding of eating disorders. Many health professionals lack confidence in working with people who have eating disorders and their families, and I would like to improve their understanding of, and appreciation of, the experience of having an eating disorder, or of supporting someone who does.

Attached is a list of questions that I am circulating to people who have an eating disorder, or who are supporting someone who does, or have in the past. I would be very grateful if you could look through these questions and send me your responses about your experiences. Please feel free to answer any or all of the questions.

On receiving your replies, I will collect all the responses together to include in training materials for health professionals and in materials to improve public awareness and understanding of eating disorders, such as in our newsletter. All the information that we use will be completely anonymous and you would not be identifiable from your responses at all.

Where to send your responses:

Many thanks,

Dr. Menna Jones,
Clinical Lead, Service for High-risk Eating Disorders,
Cardiff & Vale UHB / Cwm Taf UHB
Tel: 02921 832200
Mob: 07817458053

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