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Innovative Eating Disorders Conference Illustrates Family-Professional Collaborations

F.E.A.S.T Board of Directors member, Judy Krasna, planned and participated in an innovative eating disorders conference last week in Israel that brought together patients, parents, and professionals in the spirit of collaboration and partnership.
The conference, organized and produced by the Israeli Association for Eating Disorders, gave a voice to parents, allowing them to freely express their concerns, their disappointments, their challenges, and their expectations regarding eating disorder treatment and they system that supports it.
Judy presented at the conference on the value of peer support and on F.E.A.S.T’s many services that it offers to families all over the world. There was great interest both from parents and from clinicians, and hopefully Israeli parents will start reaping the benefits of F.E.A.S.T now that they have been introduced to the organization.
Plans are underway for the immediate establishment of platforms to both support and to educate parents. The Israeli Association for Eating Disorders has offered help in getting these initiatives up and running, so that parents are given the support, education, and tools that they need to care for their child. There is hope that more Israeli clinicians will join F.E.A.S.T’s advisory panel as well.
The future of eating disorder treatment in Israel is a lot brighter thanks to the conference, with hopes for true partnership between stakeholders, and great resolve to improve patient care and reduce suffering for families.
Stay tuned for more news on how F.E.A.S.T is supporting Israeli parents in the coming months!
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