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It’s Stapling Day… with a playlist!

There is always a day, when planning events, devoted to stapling. Today is that day for me: I’m collating handouts and Powerpoints and even packing flower vases and tablecloths!

Starting one week from now:

Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine annual conference in Washington DC, a panel on theWorld Eating Disorder Healthcare Rights

International Eating Disorders Conference in New York, where F.E.A.S.T. is an exhibitor for three days, I am co-chairing a Difficult Dialogues Session, helping to give an award, and we have a Board Meeting

And then of course our 2nd FEAST of Knowledge on March 17 

After which I will be sleeping for a week!

But today, I staple. And I do it to the inspiring sounds of the After-Party Jukebox music sent by families around the world: thank you!!

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