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Join me LIVE from my kitchen, and houses and events and dining room tables all over the world, June 2

Eating disorder advocacy is a small but growing energy in the world, and I’m so proud and honored to be part of it. What was for so long a lot of individual people and organizations fighting the good fight on their own is rapidly growing into a collaborative worldwide community. I have seen an attitude and an energy change that is significant and truly transformative.

It isn’t just “awareness” anymore. It’s honest, direct, connected, and effective. Policies are changing. The science is being shared and multiplied. Information sharing is leading to stronger alliances, improved access.

It isn’t easy. It’s HARD to step out in public and in our communities and face stigma and myths. It’s SCARY to have to push back on the assumptions and lack of attention to vital issues. It’s EXHAUSTING to have to work together on projects that can become plodding or weighed down with bureaucracy. It’s also PAINFUL to have to disagree with others who while well-meaning may be holding back progress or even pulling in the wrong direction.

Despite the challenges, progress is happening, and it is largely because we’re seeing, hearing, and talking with one another. This Sunday is World Eating Disorders Action Day: June 2. This year I will be in my kitchen on that day hosting a live event that will welcome dozens of people from many countries who will appear live, as well as sharing video and greetings we’ve received already.

Join me for a special, busy, historic day of celebrating the worldwide community of eating disorder advocates. I’ll be in my kitchen in Washington DC, and I am honored to say that one of the founders of WEDAD will actually be in my kitchen as well: Amy Cunningham. 

You can watch live throughout the six-hour event, or watch the recording later. You can write in, comment, or send a video for us to broadcast. We want to introduce you to the community, and show off the amazing and growing world of those who are changing the face and the effectiveness of eating disorder treatment and support!

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