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Laugh or Cry? I choose laughter: nobody’s perfect

Our first Virtual Book Club meeting tonight went… comically. Despite three dry runs, a practice this morning, and lots and lots of research, at the moment of truth we couldn’t add our special guest, Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani to her own party!

But she was flexible and generous, and our community were, too. And after three separate tries, we managed to patch her in by phone and she graciously answered questions and then offered to come back again another time! Now THAT is a vote of confidence in us, despite the tech snafus.

There were any number of technical lessons learned, but my real takeaways are a gratitude to Facebook for enabling such a coming together of people in real time, for our community for being so engaged in REAL questions, our guest for utterly cheerful willingness to keep trying, for my husband for protecting my time despite family obligations, for Daryl and Lisa here at F.E.A.S.T. for their patience and assistance, and for this job that allows me to experiment and try new things.

Next week on the 21st we’re doing it again with Dr. Lauren Muhlheim. Join us!

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  1. Lisa Epstein

    Pioneering is a bitch but the payback is immeasurable..
    this is going to be such a gift to the families and professionals searching for knowledge and support

  2. Judy Scolnick

    Lisa, I would love to speak to you, and I know my sister, Barbara would as well. Please email me or call me at (201) 674-3035. Thank you. Judy

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