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Letter from JB (2013)

September 2013

Dear unknown friends,

I am a young woman in recovery from anorexia, a condition I have battled for more than ten years. I discovered this Forum during my recent stay in hospital.

It has made all the difference for my family. I have never understood why my mother cries. I have never been able to see what she sees in me. I have never truly grasped the impact of my behaviour on those around me. You have shown me why I need to get well.

I was diagnosed in the days when parents took the blame, and children were taken away for treatment. I came out of that treatment with no idea how to live, and no desire to find out. If my mother had not intervened – against all the ‘expert’ advice – I would not be alive today.

Perhaps I did not see it before I found your Forum. But today I know that she gave me life twice – once, when she brought me into the world, and again when she brought the world back to me. I know all your children will say the same one day. The only thing stronger than anorexia is your unconditional love. God bless you for your courage, and may He strengthen you for the battles ahead. You are heroes in my eyes.


Yours in solidarity,


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