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Men of FEAST – Validation


  1. Jay

    Thanks again man. I appreciate your efforts at helping us help these kids regain their freedom.
    Best wishes to all.

  2. Dave Dunn

    This is great. I worked hard at this while helping my daughter. I think it was good for my daughter and I know it was good for me. When I did it well, it helped me to stay calm and focused and to move on from difficult times more quickly.

  3. Mark

    This is such a helpful video. I learned this the hard way over 7 years. I hope lots of dads will see this early on. It makes all the difference in the world. That’s also a great quotation for everyday life. (Not so sure about the music though!)

    BTW It’s great that FEAST are making videos for men. Let’s remember that two parents working together are a strong force to fight an eating disorder.

  4. Other Mark

    Especially helpful for caregivers to remain as consistent as possible. It’s a long long haul and there may be a tendency to become impatient and irritated as things get slightly better or even markedly better. It helps me to remember that my child is who they are, they are suffering from a disease that they will carry with them for their lifetime and my job is to support and give love as best I can. I also try to remember there are days and will be days when patience is thin and sadness and depression creeps back in. Mistakes will be made. Be gentle on yourself and your child.

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