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More tap dancing

It’s been a strange year, and I have lost count of how many beds I have slept in so far, but my back, apparently, is keeping score. I often brag that I can “work anywhere” but I probably needed a reminder that I can’t sleep everywhere, drive everywhere, and carry everything.

When I ended up hospitalized recently overnight for back spasms they asked me: “what were you doing right before this happened?”

“Tap Dancing.”

This was apparently an unusual treatment note, and the march of clinicians and physicians and technicians who visited my bed made light of my maladies. I was in lala land from morphine, so I remember little but being more amusing than usual to the passersby.

I had the good fortune of a job that travels with me, a spouse who kept me laughing, colleagues at F.E.A.S.T. who stepped up, the ability to pay an outrageous hospital bill without a second mortgage, fierce friends who advocated for me while I was loopy, physical therapists who “get” me, and an upcoming overseas trip that I am motivated not to ruin.

Prescription: lots of exercises to strengthen my aging core and relieve strain on my back; no more 10-hour drives; fewer beds, and.. more tap dancing.

There are two reasons, I was told, for back problems like mine: doing things, and not doing things. I wasn’t tap dancing enough.

In that spirit I share with you my favorite tap dance scene ever, to brighten your day as it often does my own, here at F.E.A.S.T. HQ:

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  1. JC

    That was incredibly amazing! Thanks for sharing. Can’t get the smile off my face. I have fond memories of your impromptu (and almost equally amazing) tap dancing in the hotel lounge area after the conclusion of the first FEAST conference. I hope your back spasms are much improved.

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