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Musical Playlist for our Upcoming Conference

Our annual FEAST of Knowledge conference is always a collaborative event. It takes months of staff time, a dozen or so volunteers in various roles, and the generosity of dozens of presenters who donate their time and talents as part of the program. It’s all to one purpose: to help families, especially caregivers, be informed and empowered in their work to support a family member.

Some elements of the day are visible like the speakers. Others are purely delight: to add to the experience. Our music playlist is one of the latter elements.

We put out a call for a volunteer to curate a playlist of music for this year’s FEAST of Knowledge, and this year Veronica Moncada O’Donnell, a F.E.A.S.T. parent volunteer stepped forward. Her task was to create a playlist that was free to be used without fees or restrictions throughout our day and to be published online later. We are using this music between sessions in the 13-hour broadcast.

The choices she curated are listed below. Thank you, Veronica, for being part of our 2020 conference by helping us in this way: what a beautiful addition to our community’s big day!

As you experience the event you may hear a song that you enjoy: make sure to look up the creator and support their work!

  • “Angel Guides” -Jesse Gallagher
  • “Any Thing You Can Dream”- The Whole Other
  • “Dance of the Mammoths”- The Whole Other
  • “Divine Life Society”-Jesse Gallagher
  • “Everything you Wanted”- Dan Lebowitz
  • “Go Get ‘Em Tiger”- The Whole Other
  • “Dream Lagoon”-Chris Haugen
  • “Mind Stream” – Chris Haugen
  • “I’ve Just Had an Apostrophe” – Spazz Cardigan
  • “Luxery”- Causmic
  • “Remember September”- Dan Lebowitz
  • “To Have to in Least Water”- pATCHES

All music utilized in FEAST of Knowledge June 13/14th 2020 was downloaded from Youtube audio library royalty free music library.

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