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New: International Guide to Selecting Evidence-based Psychological Therapies for Eating Disorders

The Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) has released a new publication titled “A Guide to Selecting Evidence-based Psychological Therapies for Eating Disorders.” We are proud that F.E.A.S.T. Interim Executive Director Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh served as co-chair of the AED Psychological Care Guidelines Task Force, the group that researched and wrote the Guidelines.

“A Guide to Selecting Evidence-based Psychological Therapies for Eating Disorders” outlines first and second line treatments for both children/adolescents and adults, and is broken down by eating disorder diagnosis. In addition, it links to treatment guidelines in a multitude of countries and offers additional references containing the evidence upon which the guide was based.

This guide can help families identify which psychological treatments for eating disorders are proven to be effective based on evidence. If these treatments are not offered to them, they can advocate in favor of evidence-based treatment for their family member. In addition, this guide can be an advocacy tool used to lobby governments, health services, and insurance companies.

The recommendations contained in this publication are globally applicable, with the expectation that these evidence-based treatments should be available in every country. This is the first such guideline of its kind and represents a historic advance in the eating disorders field.

Kudos to Laura for bringing F.E.A.S.T., and the parent community, to the table, and for her role in developing and making available this important guideline through the AED to the public.


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