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New Task Force Formed to Create School Materials and Presentations

We welcome everyone with interest our new School Materials and Presentation Task Force (SMPTF). We welcome global participation; regional and system relevance/suitability will be an important piece of our work and we need YOU to help us do that work.

This task force is chaired by JD Ouellette, a F.E.A.S.T. Board Member and a USA Representative of the F.E.A.S.T Global Task Force for Regional Activities. JD is the mother of a young adult in recovery from anorexia and is engaged in both peer support and advocacy in the USA and internationally. Her professional background as an educator makes school resources any area of particular interest for her.

Questions? You may contact


  1. Ellen Ewing

    Hello JD. I am willing to help. I left you a Vmail a couple weeks ago on your feast number, but think I didn’t leave my contact info! Email is below. I am in Atlanta GA.

  2. Tina72

    Hi JD,
    I have no time at the moment to help you with the task force but I would love to translate the papers and helpsheets you will develop for schools into German if they are finished. They will be very much needed and very much appreciated here.

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