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New Year: New Board Members

Here at F.E.A.S.T, we depend on the generous time and talents of volunteers around the world. Our Board of Directors is the hard-working all-volunteer group who govern our organization. They watch over our finances, our operations, our governance, and our reputation. They meet four times a year for full board meetings, and even more frequently for committee meetings. Between meetings we use a tool called Workplace to discuss, share, and problem solve. Despite being in at least seven countries at any given time, we have even had two in-person board meetings (in Prague in 2017, and Chicago in 2018) so far.

The Board of Directors has an Executive Committee as well, who help guide our operations more closely:

Chair: Nicki Wilson, in New Zealand   Vice Chair: Belinda Caldwell, in Australia     Secretary: Daryl Madill, in the US      Treasurer: Rachel Polonsky, in the UK

This month we welcome four new board members. Honored to introduce the newly voted-in 2019 new Board Members who will join us for the first meeting of 2019:

Judy Krasna, in Israel

Lisa Burns, in Canada

Alec Rodney, in the US

Stephen Rosenberg, in the UK

As Executive Director, I am genuinely proud to work for this organization under this Board of Directors. Their wisdom, inspiration, common sense, and sense of humor guide my work every day!


Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh

Executive Director


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