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Online Program – Your Feedback Needed

– posted at the request of the author


My name is Carolyn McCarter Wood. I am a licensed clinical social worker in Asheville NC. I’m in the process of developing an online program for parents of children and teens with anorexia. This program will be designed to support and complement evidence-based treatment (FBT,), including elements of education, skills practice, and community. The program will be for parents of children and teens

ages 7 through 18.

The working title for the program is Subduing Anorexia, Supporting Your Child. ( Still a work in progress.) The program will be an online offering that will include two weekly meetings. One will include education on a topic and mutual support. The online meeting will include skills practice and mutual problem-solving. There will also be a closed moderated facebook type group for participants.

The program will include such topics as:
– What is happening to my kid?
– How to help my child eat with compassion and competence?
– How to maintain a loving relationship through the process?
– How to regulate my emotions?
– How to help my child regulate their emotions?
– How to respond to behaviors or stuck places?

– How to talk with providers, educators, friends, family about my child?

I’m seeking input from parents who are currently on this journey or who have completed it. I need to know the following:

Please send your responses to: or call (828)778-9902

– What types of support did you need and not have?
– What would you want to be included in such a program?
– What length of time would you commit to for such a program?
– How much would you be willing to pay monthly for such a program?
– How many hours per week would you be willing to commit to participating on such a program?

Thank you in advance for your input,
Carolyn McCarter Wood, MDiv, LCSW, LCAS



  1. Crissy

    My daughter is 19 but this started 3 years ago, so I am not sure if I am able to participate, but if so that would be great! So much of what you touched on are all questions I had or still have. I am trying so desperately now to try doing self-care….wow this is difficult, but I know I must do as I say not as I do.

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