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Caregiver Stories Series
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F.E.A.S.T. Caregivers tell their family stories...



Audio 1:  "I just refused to believe that she would not recover"

  • A mother living in a suburb of Washington DC in the US describes remaining optimistic even as clinicians gave up on her child's recovery.
  • (24 minutes) Recorded 11/08 (no transcript)


Audio 2: "We worked as a team"

  • Mother describes a daughter who as a college student developed depression, anorexia, and bulimia going on to recovery after several years with help of family and nutrition and supportive therapist.
  • US Midwest - 7 minutes


Audio 3: "When we said life stops until you eat it meant our life also stopped" 

  • A mother describes her process of separating her nine-year old daughter from anorexia and compulsive exercise and the healing of the family.
  • Southeast US. 17 minutes (no transcript)


Audio 4: "Mom, I'm not stupid. It's not going to happen to me."

  • A mother of a daughter with anorexia describes her then 13-year old daughter wanting to 'eat healthy' and progressing to anorexia and compulsive exercise. , mother emphasizes role of nutrition, early intervention, good clinicians, hard work.
  • Michigan, US - 10 minutes


Audio 5: "All of a sudden she didn't want cheese on her hamburger"

  • A mother in Oregon (US) describes her teen daughter's recovery and preparation for college.
  • 12 minutes


Audio 6: "We're here for you whether you want us or not. We're not giving up on you."

  • A mother and father describe their daughter's recovery from EDNOS.
  • Boston area, US. 10 minutes


Audio 7: "To see her personality come back and blossom was an unbelievable blessing for us"

  • A mother describes a 22-year old daughter with anorexia coming home to recover, fully, After 4+ years of grave illness.
  • SE Wisconsin, US - 21 minutes (no transcript)


Audio 8: "It was like she was standing on a rock in a rising river"

  • A father and mother describe a series of treatment approaches and strategies and eventual recovery of their college age daughter.
  • Northern California, US. 34 minutes


Audio 9: “All these ocd rules that she lived by, that seemed to be absolutely set in concrete, just melted away” 

  • A mother in Northern Australia describes the slow, and then rapid, recovery of her recently graduated daughter.
  • 12 minutes.


Audio 10: "For Lent she decided to give up all junk food...when we sat down for Easter dinner she just couldn't do it" 

  • A mother in the Midwest US describes a 16-year old's recovery from restrictive anorexia using a partial hospitalization program and home-based re-feeding
  • (12 minutes)


No Transcript: "You would never know that she had been ill"

  • A mother describes the recovery of her 15-year old female ballet dancing daughter with anorexia (AN-P)
  • US Gulf Coast – 5 minutes (no transcript)


No Transcript: Interview with Philip Graham and Alma Gottlieb, October 2009



 Transcript: "Nancy R." Tells her Family Story to IAEDP Clinicians

  • Presentated at IAEDP Event, by "Nancy R."
  • Spring 2011

 Transcript: "Peregrine" Tells her Family Story to IAEDP Clinicians

  • Presentated at IAEDP Event, by "Peregrine"
  • Spring 2011


Download the Audio Transcripts (PDF):


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