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More about Supporting Memberships

Do you want to become a Supporting Member?

 If you value the services we provide, please consider becoming a Supporting Member of F.E.A.S.T.

Supporting Memberships (optional, but needed!)

As F.E.A.S.T.'s influence in the Eating Disorder community has grown, so have our funding needs. We currently need additional donations, both large and small, to cover our operating expenses and to begin to take advantage of new opportunities to support and advocate for families.

Our 'Wish List' of unfunded initiatives includes: travel scholarships for parent advocates speaking at events, administrative support to relieve the daily duties our volunteers now spend their time on, outreach programs for school communities, and much more.

Be assured that every donation, whatever the amount, is used wisely and is very much appreciated!

How do we Operate?

F.E.A.S.T.'s support services are FREE...

We want everyone, regardless of income or location, to have free access to our support services for families. In order to do this, we rely on individual donations and volunteers to make ends meet.


We rely on volunteers to:

  • moderate our forums and social media groups
  • develop and edit our website
  • process registrations, donations, and other administrative jobs,
  • plan and run events
  • manage our email lists & communications
  • respond to emails and other contact requests, and
  • do anything else that needs to get done!

NO Advertising or Sponsorship

We rely on your donations to:

  • pay for our website platform
  • pay for our operational expenses, non-profit insurance & management fees
  • print and distribute educational materials & brochures
  • exhibit at professional conferences,

 Membership Levels:


Free No Expiration Membership
Annual Pledge of Support
Annual Pledge of Support with Installment Option
Renewal Period
Annual Annual
Level of Support Free $25/yr USD and up $250 and up
Option to switch between Free & Supporting Memberships?
Yes, at any time.
Yes, at Annual Renewal
Yes, at Annual Renewal
Payment Schedule NA Due at Registration
Due at Registration, or by 10-Installment Plan
Customizable Pledge Amounts?  Make a One-Time Donation at any Time!
 Yes Yes 

Payment Type

(Eating Disorder treatkment providers must pay from a personal account.)

Checks are accepted by making a One-Time Donation

Credit Card or Paypal Only*
Credit Card or Paypal Only*
US Tax Deductible Donation?
NA Yes - Full Amount
Yes - Full Amount
Event Registration Discounts Same for All Members Same for All Members
Same for All Members
Store Discounts Same for All Members
Same for All Members Same for All Members


* To Donate by Check or monthly via Paypal, Please choose the Free Membership and you will have an opportunity to set up a one-time or recurring donation at the end of registration.

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