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Parent Advocacy–What Can You Do?

At F.E.A.S.T, we believe parents can be powerful advocates for improving the world for other families:

  • Educating the public about these disorders
  • Advocating for better access to care
  • Lobbying for improved policies
  • Speaking out against stigma
  • Fighting for research funding and dissemination
  • Assuring support systems for families

We have been showing up and speaking out around the world since 2007 on behalf of families and evidence-based treatment. We’ve exhibited and presented at conferences, lobbied legislatures, funded information publication and distribution, and we serve on boards and advisory councils. We participate in regional and international advocacy activities and are proud of our place among all the major eating disorder organizations in the world where we’ve gained a reputation as a strong voice for families, for research, and for professionalization and standards in treatment.

In addition to our work providing information and peer support to individual parents, we also seek to empower you as advocates and change-makers in your communities, your countries, and on a global level. We want to inspire, assist, and cheer for your generosity of spirit and hard work to help improve the world for families facing eating disorders. Parents have often been the drivers of change and public opinion when it comes to changing hearts and policy for healthcare, and we have made great progress with changing how eating disorders are seen and treated. But much more is needed, and we look at F.E.A.S.T. as a global movement to mobilize families together for positive change.

At any moment there are countless families out there who will come to the realization that they are facing a grave eating disorder diagnosis for their cherished son or daughter. What kind of world do we want them to face? What can each of us do to make that realization a step toward action, success, and resilience?

In that spirit, join us:

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